The ExTuitive Lighthouse Project

There are four fundamental challenges in life and the choice between how much of your life you spend ‘At Peace’ with yourself or ‘In Conflict.’ The fundamental challenges are with Self, with others, with nature and with the UNnatural influences. It seems strange that anyone would want to be in conflict with themselves or Nature but when we look at what most people do, what they consume and how they dispose of what they no longer need – you can see how a lot of people are in direct conflict with Self and Nature.

The ExTuitive Lighthouse Project is about using group intuition to develop better solutions for the majority so that more people can spend more time ‘At Peace’ for more of their time. Intuition is very valuable for individuals but usually also fairly self-centred and sometimes selfish.  ExTution is about seeing an abundance of opportunities and working together to create that abundant reality in ways that combine ease with grace.

It was Abraham Maslow who advised:

‘One’s only rival is one’s own potentialities. One’s only failure is failing to live up to one’s own possibilities’

In order to create ExTuitive solutions in the 21st century it requires a small proportion of creative and achievement orientated people to choose a new path. Perhaps all that is required is a 5% of humanity who want to see a more positive change for all of humanity and nature. It is about that 5% wanting to stand their ground respectfully and assertively in the face of utterly Soulless corporations, deeply compromised political structures, broken financial systems, distorted media and invisible stockholders owned by faceless foundations and trusts.

The Extuitive Lighthouse Project offers four key resources to help people to achieve this and to have a life that is much more positive and peaceful:

  1. The Inner journey of Self – resources to help you to explore and find your true Self and to be more ‘At Peace’ with yourself more of the time
  2. The Outer journey of connecting with Others – resources to help you to build and optimize the relationships in your life with the people and concepts that are most important to you
  3. The re-connection with Nature – resources to help you to create a more peaceful relationship with Nature and to envisage and create more conscious and productive businesses and political organisations
  4. Your relationship with UNnatural influences – books and resources to help you to understand why a small proportion of people, the ‘Lawless Men’ have become obsessed with scarcity, power and over-accumulation on a planet earth which is full of abundance for all.

ExTuitive Insights uses the knowledge and wisdom of many Milliennia to explain how to spend more time ‘At Peace’ with the four fundamental challenges to help you to enjoy a more meaningful life.