Andrew Berger

Andrew has spent the last 32 years working in different executive roles as a ‘silicon valley’ entrepreneur, an equity partner in Accenture, as a Special Forces Intelligence Officer, in academic study, as an adventurer and as an author. This book draws together that experience and knowledge into a summary of what he believes people ‘need to know’ about self-change, adopting more Relationship Happiness Habits and possible scenarios for ‘2012 or so.’ Having been on an extended journey of self-change, Andrew is convinced that the ‘future is already here, just unevenly spread.’ He also believes strongly that the knowledge people need is inside them and has been known about for many centuries.

Helen Mackie

Helen has been working as a psychic and a medium for the last 10 years helping people to recognise and reach their potential as human beings. She trained at the College of Psychic Studies in London. Her work covers personal readings, teaching and workshops to help people to access more of their personal potential. Prior to this work, she worked as a sales executive in News Group Newspapers and IPC magazines. She also worked as a New Business Development director for a London Bus company, as a Commercial Director for a radio station and as a PR and Marketing consultant for record companies.