With Others

With Others – the Outer Journey

We meet on the Outer journey of life for a reason, a season and perhaps a lifetime. Human beings are relationship beings and we have little choice in this from our earliest days. Every human will have a multitude of relationships with other people including parents, family, friends, intimate partners, children and colleagues. We live in a ‘Hollywood Perfect Marriage image’ world where a huge emphasis is placed on intimate partner relationships that, according to the statistics on marriage, aren’t doing very well in the modern Western world.

We also have relationships with a wide range of other concepts and activities as an integral part of our chosen lives. We all have our own personal relationships with money, work, the truth, compassion, contribution, pets, nature and love. We all have the free will to choose where to place our attention and the right to withdraw from relationships that are not serving us well.

The Journey of life has many facets

The Outer journey of life is about who we choose to share a life path with, when and how often. Everyone we attract into our lives is there for a reason even if that presence doesn’t always feel good. The Law of Attraction is there to remind us that we are the ones who have attracted that person or concept into our Outer journey of life.

 Books to help

We all have relationships with others that we can choose to improve. The two relationship books contain several Millennia of knowledge and advice on how to improve relationships with others:

  • The Wisdom of Sacred Realationships explores the range of relationships in any human life and asks the question of ‘Why do 95% of people choose scared relationships rather than seek Sacred Relationships with others?’
  • The Extraordinary Realationships Journey Guidebook combines a perspective on every ‘Hero’s journey’ through a human life with 81 structured Relationship Happiness Habits. It is only feasible to work on 1-2 habits at anyone time so the book provides a wealth of information to help improve relationships over a lifetime. It is designed to have a comprehensive range of wisdom to offer at any time when the reader has the challenge and opportunity to improve external relationships with others.

 Inner and Outer Realtionships in life 

Relationships with others are easy to analyse in others but much more complex to understand when we are personally involved. The books provide models, exercises and ideas to understand what is happening with others on our journeys together through life.