The Inner journey with Self is the most challenging and rewarding path in any life.

Human beings are a strange species because we are the only species that makes themselves troubled guests on planet earth. No other species are troubled guests. No other species imagines that they have defective DNA with the accompanying physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Every human has the opportunity to be much more ‘At Peace’ with Self through an Inner journey of  Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance.

The challenging journey of Self discovery

The challenging journey of Self discovery

We all share a common life experience; we are born with nothing, we die with nothing, we have some relatively predictable challenges in life that occur at relatively unpredictable times and we may or may not come back. Half the world believes in a single human life and the other half believes in multiple lives. The reality is that neither half can prove the other half right or wrong. The real issue is not what you believe about numbers of lives but whether you behave in a way that reflects your fundamental belief. Many people who believe in a single life seem to accept a life that is full of missed opportunities, sadness and scared relationships without questioning why? Many people who believe in multiple lives harm and kill others without ever seeming to consider the possibility of serious consequences in future lives.

The Inner journey will always be the most challenging because it requires a continuous exploration of the deepest parts of your being. It is a journey that no-one else can do for you which is why so many people avoid this adventure. The Inner journey is the most fundamental building block of any meaningful human life. It is also the most rewarding since it defines how well relationships with the other 3 human conflicts can be managed.

Realationships Books and content

‘At Peace’ with Self contains a wide range of resources including 6 books, 36 minibooks and 81 individual Relationship Happiness Habits based on Millennia of human experience and writings. They are simple to read and full of advice,models and exercises that can help  to people to understand their behaviours and motivations more clearly.

The 7 Paths to the lighthouse of Morillon

The Lighthouse of Morillon

The most powerful book about individual Self-discovery in the novel trilogy is ‘The 7 Paths to the Lighthouse of Morillon’. It is a description of just one humans journey through life.

The Infinite Enneagram

Self-discovery also contains advice and courses on the personality typing tool the ‘Infinite Enneagram’. This probably the most useful personality typing system for individual Self-Awareness. The Infinite Enneagram allows every single human to have a unique personality type within a framework based on 9 initial personality types and an infinite number of permutations and combinations based on human needs.