With UNnatural Influences

Every human life is exposed to both natural and UNnatural influences. That is the reality of earth’s 250,000 year-old human ‘Silly Monkey’ experiment. The only question is whether the ‘Silly Monkeys’ will choose to evolve to their unrealised potential or whether some human ‘Lawless Men’ will herd humanity into new nuclear wars to secure their control over gold, natural resources and money. The current focus of these UNnatural influences involves encouraging greater conflicts with nature, Third World ‘Resource Nationalism’ and the ‘plunder raiding’ of oil, gas and mineral rich countries of Russia, Ukraine and Iran. The reality of these UNnatural influences and ‘Lawless Men’ is that they do not care about the rest of humanity. They are focused on their self-created ‘Golden Calf’ and they have no interest in anything other than their wealth and power in this short human life.

By definition ‘Lawless Men’ have placed themselves above the laws that apply to the rest of humanity. The challenge for the 5% of humans who can make a difference, the ‘Steadfast Men’, is to decide whether to ‘wake up’ and to stand up in face of the fear and hatred of the ‘Lawless Men’. The ‘Lawless Men’ have two great weaknesses in their UNnatural influences; they are a tiny percentage of humanity probably less than 1% and their activities are so clearly UNnatural and against the needs of nature and humanity.

The truth about the state of the current world

It was Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former US National Security adviser and geopolitical guru, who pointed out the 6 fundamental flaws in the world’s greatest superpower the USA:

  • Flawed financial system
  • Massive levels of national and consumer debt
  • Poorly educated population
  • Gridlocked political system
  • Crumbling infrastructure
  • Accelerating social inequality.

As a result of the inability or unwillingness of any leading politicians to do anything about these problems we are faced by the prospect of a nuclear Third World War. An UNnatural world order is increasingly threatening a First Strike Nuclear World War to deal with the geopolitical problems of the petrodollar dependent USA that only possesses 2% of oil resources and 5% of natural gas resources in an increasingly global economy.

It was Adam Smith who wrote:

‘All for ourselves and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.’

As in every age we have the choice between a mankind and continuing with the political institutions, corporations and profitable wars based on a manUNkind.

The root causes of a Third World War are not difficult to identify:

  • A interconnected and well managed historical process based on plunder raids
  • Brzezinski’s broken USA
  • The profitability of war over peace
  • The lack of compassion and common humanity among elites
  • Jealousy and envy between very rich and powerful families
  • The resource obsession of ‘Very Powerful Financial Interests’
  • The weakness of US natural resources and the need for US petrodollars as the world reserve currency
  • Huge investments in ‘conventional like’ usable nuclear weapons.

 10 stages of creating World Wars

The route to world wars typically follows a 10 step process:

  1. Divide people into them and ‘Us’
  2. Symbolisation
  3. Dehumanisation
  4. Organisation of Special Police and Army Units
  5. Polarisation using hate groups
  6. Discrimination
  7. Preparation and segregation
  8. Persecution
  9. Extermination
  10. Denial of any guilt by the perpetrators.

The current UNnatural world order is slowly nudging humanity down that gentle but very slippery slope. ‘Steadfast Men’ and other moderate people whether Jewish, Muslims or Christians have been largely silenced by media attacks and allegations of conspiracy theories or ‘whistleblowing traitors.’

However, suffering is a choice but not a necessity if people become informed and active. The majority of humanity has never benefited from international wars that bring destruction, death, injury, rape, torture and genocide. These are difficult subjects that need to be dealt with some intelligence and humour. Few people realize that Judaism, Christianity and Islam have common roots and the Jesus and Mary are revered in the Quran. Few people trouble themselves to visit the quiet serenity of a mosque before attacking Islam. Few people have had the opportunity to research the last 150 years of geopolitical history to connect the dots on the origins of the Third World War and how to avoid it.

There are three key novels, based on detailed facts, that deal with this complex and frightening prospect in an intelligent and easy to read way:

  • The Machine that Rules the World – how the world really works from the perspective of a machine that has penetrated all the computer systems of the world and created a vast Ponzi scheme for controlling humanity
  • The African Flower in the White House – an African dictator escapes his assassination attempt and decides that he has the knowledge, money and guile to buy the 2016 US Presidential election and to use Donald Trump to save humanity from a nuclear WW3
  • The 7 Paths to the Lighthouse of Morillon – an example of a personal path of Self-inspired change using the model of Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’. A personal perspective on how the 5% of people who can make a difference might work to avoid a ‘First Nuclear Strike’ driven World War Three.