At Peace With Nature

It is easy to forget that it is a 4.5 billion year old planet earth that is having a 250,000 year-old human experiment rather than the other way around. It is easy to forget our 100 or so year dance with a scientific medical monopoly and the pharmachemicals cartel has done little more than to try to dismiss naturally evolved humans as genetic failures in need of synthetic chemicals to simply survive through a human life. It is also easy to forget that every single cell in our bodies is made out of what we eat, drink and breathe. It is easy to forget that no human has every died from lack of sugars or carbohydrates but they die very quickly from lack of essential minerals, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, clean air and water.

The current approach to Nature is overly confrontational as a small number of powerful corporations and political institutions seek to create the fear of scarcity on a highly abundant and ancient blue planet. But maybe just maybe, Nature and a more informed common humanity might have a few surprises for all of us over the next few years.

Wisdom Informed Scenario Planning (WISP∞rs) is an innovative and additive approach that builds on traditionally scenario planning techniques used in corporate businesses. It combines existing knowledge with the wisdom that comes from energetic fields through positive Systemic Constellation work.

This work has revealed eight New Business Realities for a more natural and abundant future:

  • An abundance of new business opportunities for more informed consumers who want to live more with less unnecessary stuff
  • Personal responsibility for Self plus the output of the overall system
  • Transparency of the truth and no hidden secrets
  • Stewardship – leave the place better than when you arrived
  • Sharing learnings after the end of ‘the age of gurus and high priests’
  • Executive authority requires integrity and wisdom ‘right with might’ not ‘might is right’
  • Immediacy of consequences for unskillful behaviours
  • Creativity & innovation with right intentions.

These New Business Realities foresee a future where human consumers have a real choice between being unnaturally manipulated, ill informed and inactive and being much more naturally, informed and active consumers of what they really, really want and need in their lives. The key to this choice will be greater knowledge and wisdom among individuals about how to use their time, energy and money to have a more fulfilling life.

The New Business Realities have some very significant consequences for the future of corporations, industries and political institutions. En masse the Activated Consumers of goods and services, particularly among Generation Y, are unlikely to accept the norms of the past and self-interested international business models that do not serve them well.

Wisdom Informed Scenario Planning (WISP∞rs) have already been used by ExTuitive Insights teams to model the future of a number of industry and organizational structures in the future:

Healthy Nutrition v Convenience Farce food and sugary drinks – the new wave of Activated Consumers who buy local, consume less and waste little. Getting beyond Farce foods, low fat carbohydrate and high sugar diets that accelerate cancer, dementia, obesity, diabetes and depression

Real Nutritional Food v Heavily Processed Foods – the new wave of Activated Consumers who grow more food and prepare their own nutrient rich meals. Getting beyond over-processed but low nutrient value convenience foods. The end to governemnt subsidies for the super rich with too many poor quality agricultural land assets

Wellness v Illness Business opportunities – the new wave of Activated Consumers who take self-responsibility for personal health and natural wellness. The end of the ‘Streetlight Effect’ of looking for miracle cures in R&D black holes like DNA. Getting beyond the Pharmachemicals ‘cul de sac’ and UNscientific medical monopolies

Low Cost v High Cost Mobile Communications – the new wave Activated Consumers who demand that Governments should not sell their natural bandwidth at very high prices that cause high mobile communications costs to consumers. Getting beyond the artificial claims of scarcity of spectrum bandwidth to dramatically reduce the cost to consumers of mobile communications

Visible Market Competition v concealed Cartels and Stockholders – the new wave of Activated Consumers who demand free market competition and who support local businesses that pay living wages. Getting beyond Soulless Corporations, with artificial human rights, laws to protect cartel behaviours and the use of trusts and foundations to obscure the real stockholders and financial interests

Abundant energy v the Fossil Fuel Scarcity Myth – the new wave of Activated Consumers who demand low cost and efficient energy using the optimum energy sources and distribution networks. Getting beyond the myth of fossil fuels, scarce and non-renewable oil and natural gas. The end to artificially high oil and gas prices caused by cartel behaviours

Direct Democracy v Coin Operated political representatives and self-interest groups – the new wave of Activated Consumers who demand the right to vote more often about critical political issues and conflicts. Getting beyond deeply compromised political representatives and the UNnatural power and influence of corporations, special interest groups and ‘Very Powerful Financial Interests.’

The 7 Paths to the lighthouse of Morillon

Another resource for helping to feel more ‘At Peace’ with nature and your journey through life is a new book ‘The 7 paths to the Lighthouse of Morillon’.